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Hi, I’m Scott Stein, the hands-on owner of SAS Print ‘n Stitch.  My approach is simple…to “personalize” the way we do business.  While others rely on “clicks” and keyboard interactions to communicate, we take the time to connect with you.

From Design to Delivery, I go out of my way to make sure you can answer YES to the question; “Was it easy and fun to do business with us?”.  Whether it’s providing free samples before you buy, or free graphic design services to scale your artwork, or shopping online, or our free replacement policy, I’ll make sure you’ll be satisfied.

In fact, I’m so confident that you’ll be happy, I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No ifs, ands, or buts!

Operation "Smile"

Supporting our non-profit partners through Operation Smile is one of our most important investments.  Scott’s 10/10 Incentive Program, 10% off your next order and 10 free garments, is yours if you donate!

Vibrant Color Printing

Our budget-friendly printing methods create spectacular colorful imprints on your garments.  And we digitize your artwork for beautiful embroidered polo’s, hats, and jackets.  We do it all in-house!


Our professional digitized embroidery designs will blow you away.  And when you mix digital print with a stitched design on your garment, you’ll get noticed.  We do it all in-house to ensure the highest quality.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Scott’s attention to detail and personal touch are rare qualities to find among vendors these days. He took the time to understand our organization and helped us to create some amazing pieces.

    Donna B. Hope for New Hampshire Recovery Centers
  • Scott’s commitment to pleasing his customers is second to nobody. He goes above and beyond regardless of the size of the order. He produces free samples, his work is priced lower than his competition, and his printing and embroidery results are fantastic. He recently embroidered our staff shirts with a dazzling metallic silver and gold representation of our logo. Scott’s personal touch is etched in all his work, and that sets him apart. I highly recommend SAS Print 'n Stitch.

    Kelly M. The Cutting Edge Salon & Day Spa
  • We switched to SAS Print ’n Stitch 6 years ago and we’re so happy we did.  Scott’s customer satisfaction guarantee is authentic because he personally inspects every single shirt before the package leaves his production studio.  Going from a big t-shirt internet-based company to Scott’s personalized family business where clients are treated like family was the difference-maker for us.  Scott really cares!

    Dr. Saunders Director - Molecular Biology Lab, Smith College
  • Scott is driven by his passion to please. He really enjoys working with non-profits/charities, but devotes himself completely to every project. It doesn't matter to Scott if you order 1,000 shirts, or just one shirt, you are treated the same (special).

    Kathie Anderson Michael Edward Gould 9-11 Foundation
  • Thank you for your generosity, we appreciate all you do for us.

    Andy Moser Hope for New Hampshire Recovery Centers
  • The shirts look just fantastic! Just what I wanted!

    Alan Grofe Politician, MiraBay Florida
  • Thank you so much Scott! That’s very generous of you and very much appreciated, kindness is all around us. I think it’s so awesome that you work with so many charities and non profits, spreading awareness is half the battle.

    Maureen Sciacca Tango2 Research Foundation
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