Digital Garment Printing

It’s more than just a printing process. It will make your artwork come alive!

Direct to Garment

Digital Garment Printing (also known as Direct to Garment Printing or DTG) uses a special ink that prints typography and digital images directly onto the garment, creating the same color and vibrancy you see on your computer screen. Because it can print millions of colors in one pass, your graphics can be intricate and detailed. We can add gradients, text, and photographs too! Designs look great on light and dark garments. And best of all, the graphics will last as long as your shirt does because the ink is permanently absorbed into the fabric.

Advantages Over Other Printing Systems

Other printing methods don’t allow for photographic detail, cost more, and take longer. For example, vinyl heat transfers require cutting and weeding which slows production, and the washability is inferior. Silk screen printing requires expensive set up time and requires higher minimum order quantities. Dye sublimation is labor intensive.

With digital garment printing, there are no limitations in color or minimum order quantity, we can create that one specialty T-Shirt for you without busting your budget or making you wait weeks.

But you can leave all the technical stuff to us. The bottom line is your final product will be unique, beautiful and long-lasting!

We deliver a WOW experience each and every time.

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