Digital Laser Printing

The Digital HeatFX creates spectacular imprints on just about any fabric you can think of. We can also print on caps, mugs, koozies, art canvas, bags, ceramic plates, mouse pads, awards, books, signs, glasses, coolers, sports items, ceramic tiles, tote bags, wood, metal, lunch boxes, pictures…the list goes on!

Here’s some reasons why we love our Digital HeatFX machine:

  • It can print on light and dark garments with no chemical white underbase pretreatment.
  • The HFX creates awesome color vibrancy because it’s a photographic laser print and because of special metallic and neon transfer papers that cannot be matched in RGB and CMYK coloring. Metallic comes in yellow gold, white gold, silver, red, lilac, green, and blue. Neon comes in green, orange, pink, and yellow.
  • From a mixed media perspective, the HFX is super easy to combine extra elements to your decoration.
  • It’s able to produce heat transfers in a variety of fabrics as well as a wide range of other substrates.
  • It creates unique, one-of-kind products.

What's the difference between the Heat FX and DTG?

Although the HeatFX has many applications and benefits, there are times when we would advise using the Digital Garment Printing process instead.

The primary difference between the DTG and the HFX that the ink on the DTG is applied directly to the garment, while the HFX is “heat transferred” onto the garment and other substrates. Both methods produce brilliant color vibrancy, but the washability is superior with a DTG produced garment because the ink is embedded directly into the garment.

So whether you’re looking for tote bags for your book club, tumblers for your fantasy football league, or sentimental caps for your family reunion, we can take care of your custom decorating needs with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Your happiness is our guide. We don’t stop until your thrilled, and we’ve created a product you truly love!

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