We’re excited to be able to offer digitized embroidery along with our digital garment printing and laser heat transfer methods. Custom mixed media designs will make your T-Shirt or garment stand out. Because we do it all in-house, we can offer you just the right decoration method for your garment, no matter the cut or fabric. Also, mixing a combination of our decoration methods allows for more creativity in design with an added dimension.

What is Digitized Embroidery?

It’s a fabulous process that takes your chosen artwork and/or text and turns it into digital files that our state-of-the-art embroidery machine then reads and sews. During the digitizing process, we determine thread colors, stitch pattern, stitch direction, stitch density, pull compensation, and other attributes.  When it’s done right, your stitched design will be vibrant, and have beautiful depth, dimension, and life. Our quality thread library contains over 200 colors, shades, and tints, including multi-color thread, metallic, and neon. We also have a Pantone color library.  If you have a unique color, we’ll match it.

We also help you create custom embroidered patches for your scouting troop, sports, martial arts group, and more.  We create designs that are uniquely tailored to match your team or troop’s goal–whether you want to bolster team spirit or mark important achievements and milestones. Well-made patches are an important part of a uniform for emergency responders, military personnel, and law enforcement.  We can provide you with polished patches that perfectly complement your organization’s uniforms and gear. We never sub out our work, allowing for complete quality control and customization.

As with all our methods, the quality of our digital embroidery is second-to-none. We work with you to determine your exact needs. Then we’ll complete your design and custom-make a sample “sew out” so you can see just how your embroidered artwork will look on your garment. We do this to make sure you get exactly the image you had envisioned with the best quality embroidery as possible.

Our creative artists can digitize just about any work of art, then we download the files to the embroidery machine for results that are crisp. colorful, spectacular!

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