We Personalize

Our meticulous process, combined with our passion to please, helps us to deliver on our 100% satisfaction guarantee, each and every time. Not every company can say that. We can because our process makes customizing your favorite garment easy and uncomplicated. Our secret is based on our personalized hands-on approach, our free samples, our satisfaction guarantee, our affordability, and our friendliness.

As Simple As 1-2-3

  1. Your Artwork
    Right off the bat, we’ll print you a free sample.  Simply contact us by email and attach your artwork with some basic instructions.  Then we’ll have a custom printed Gildan T-Shirt from our inventory ready for you at our initial meeting. Once we dive into our design process, we’ll work with you to perfect your graphics and fonts. Next, will discuss with you the best decorating method for your project.
  2. Your Order
    To make sure we have it right, we will produce another free sample, but this time, the sample will be created on the actual garment’s brand, style, and color you choose for your project.  If you’re having trouble deciding between colors, we’ll even produce samples on multiple colors to help you decide which one works best for your artwork. Your order is secured upon sign-off of the final sample.
  3. Invoicing and Delivery
    Payment is due upon delivery so you can keep your money until we are done.  We’ll hand-deliver or ship your order, and follow-up with you the day after delivery to make sure you are happy.  And don’t forget, we will re-print or re-embroider any garment that you feel is not perfect.

What Sets Us Apart?

We go out of our way to make sure you experience how easy and fun it is to do business with us.  Our free samples with free shipping before you buy, our personalized communication, our free graphic design services, and our free replacement policy separates us from the competition.

There’s no difference to us if you want just a single shirt or if you place a large order through our easy 1-2-3 process, we take the time to meet you and connect with you to make sure your experience is pleasant and fun.

Our old school personalized communication style combined with our modern business model creates our 7 keys to success:

Free sample(s) at first contact
That’s right, we’ll print samples before you buy.

Free prototype sample(s) on actual garment chosen for order
We want to make sure that you are completely happy with your choice before we go into full production.

Discount pricing for multi-side decoration
We decorate on the front center, front pocket, back top, full back, wherever, for half the price.

Artwork is automatically resized for oversized garments 
A free service.  This way we make sure that your design looks right on all the shirts we deliver!

No charge for tuning and optimizing artwork
Again, we want to make sure it’s easy to do business with us and we want to deliver you the best product, always.

No down payment
Payment for orders not purchased online is due upon delivery and your inspection.

Satisfaction guaranteed (100% of the time)
If you feel that your garments are not perfect, your shirt(s) will be replaced for free (and shipping is on us).

We want to be your partner in the whole creative process, from initial design concept through to the final printing. Our free samples, combined with your feedback, will result in dazzling shirts, hats, and jackets.

Simple. Personalized. Fun.

Custom-design your shirts with your own artwork or choose from our extensive catalog of dazzling graphic images and fancy fonts.  We can also custom-design graphics from scratch, enhance or optimize your existing artwork, or customize images for you from our catalog. There are no limits to what we can create together.  JUST IMAGINE the possibilities!

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