Scott Stein

Owner, SAS Print ‘n Stitch

My journey into the garment decoration industry has been a long and rewarding one.  Many years ago, after graduating from college with a degree in computer science, I launched my career as a software engineer for a Fortune 100 company, at a time when Microsoft and Apple were just starting out.  Thirty-six years later,  I’ve evolved into an honest leader, an entrepreneur, a business turnaround specialist, and most importantly, an “all-in” advocate for doing what it takes to make customers happy.  

After two decades in the corporate world, I jumped head first into entrepreneurship to live the dream of owning my own business and to reinvent myself in different creative ways.  My first business – EmpowerWare, Inc. – employed a talented team of software engineers that developed world-class software and support for the retail petroleum industry.  I served in one of the most important jobs I ever held, “Chief Customer Officer”.   Making customers happy is my ultimate job satisfaction.

I believe that my success in business comes down to what I call “personalized work ethic”.  In other words, I am the same person at work as I am at home when it comes to honesty…I keep my word, and I do what I promise.

Customer care, quality control, project management, and graphic artistry is what drives me and makes me thrive in garment decorating.

Five years ago, I changed my focus again, joining with my sons to dive into the realm of custom T-Shirt design and printing. It’s so much fun running a family business because it’s easier to appeal to a wider market based on your healthy combination of younger and older generations of skilled workers.

But my favorite aspect of running a family business is the direct, one-to-one loyal customer relationships that fuels our success.

Above All, Customer First

First and foremost, I’m in the people business. That’s my company’s model, and it’s what has inspired me to create SAS. I’m fearless in protecting this focus. The foundation of my company is built on client loyalty and my “all-in” commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

We service our clients’ custom apparel printing needs with GUARANTEED results.  I give you my word!

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