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New England Biolabs Molecular Biology Bootcamp held at Smith College

Every July at Smith College for two weeks, New England Biolabs sponsors the highly sought after hands-on intensive molecular biology boot camp that covers in-depth DNA cloning and much more. The motto of the program is, “We clone more genes in two weeks than most people do in a lifetime.”

The Problem

During the boot camp’s graduation ceremony, each participant is given a T-Shirt and certificate of completion, so it’s imperative that the custom T-Shirt provider delivers the order at least three days before the ceremony “with no mistakes”. There are custom elements added each year so collaboration with the T-Shirt provider is important. Prior to using SAS Print ‘n Stitch, Smith used a reputable online company called “4imprint” for all their promotional needs. They thought that a company so large that operates throughout the US and in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Hong Kong would be able to guarantee a delivery date for the shirts without any disclaimers. They needed that “piece of mind guarantee” that their shirts would arrive in time for them to prepare for the graduation ceremony. But they never felt really comfortable with 4imprint.

The Print 'n Stitch Solution

So they shopped around and tested other companies, struggling to find the best fit for. Then a colleague introduced Dr. Lori Saunders, director of the summer Bootcamp, to SAS Print ‘n Stitch. After the initial meeting, they decided to pilot SAS Print ‘n Stitch to evaluate its way of working, their production process, and their quality assurance standards.

After a few short days, they produced several prototypes and even enhanced the Bootcamp’s artwork and logo by going from halftones to full color. They knew early in the process that SAS Print ‘n Stitch was the perfect fit for them and now they have been using us for 6 years later and counting!

The Results

In comparison to the competition, SAS Print ‘n Stitch earned the trust of Smith College and New England Biolabs because of their personalized customer service, better quality, guaranteed delivery dates, lower pricing, face-to-face collaboration, and overall 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Dr. Saunders shared, “There is so much preparation that goes into our program, and it can get very stressful. But we never have to worry about the shirts arriving on time for graduation. In fact, SAS Print ‘n Stitch now delivers the shirts before the program starts so that staff can wear the shirts throughout the two-week session. The participants notice the shirts during lectures and labs, asking, “How do we get a shirt?” Little do they know, they’ll be wearing their shirts as soon as graduation arrives.

SAS Print ‘n Stitch proved that customers become happy when they’re treated like family.

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