The History of SAS

In 2012 I launched SAS Imagineering with my two college-aged sons. SAS was born out of the boys’ hobby of customizing T-Shirts using silk screening and digital garment printing. When I came onboard to help them, we were able to successfully expand on a loyal community of clients. We served individuals, colleges, restaurants, nonprofits, large corporations, and artists.

Now I’m launching SAS Print ‘n Stitch, a spinoff of SAS Imagineering which takes SAS Imagineering’s concept one step further. Print ‘n Stitch creates brilliant apparel decoration by combining digital printing and heat applied graphics with digitized embroidery to produce one-of-a-kind decorated garments and hats as well as promotional items such as mugs, koozies, bags, ceramics, woods, and much more.

Combining Inspiration with Technology

At SAS Print ‘n Stitch we take all the creative power from your imagination and pour it into advanced technology to produce dazzling and vibrant works of art. Its technology platform features the Brother GT-3 Series digital garment printer, the Digital Heat FX system featuring OKI’s ProColor white toner laser printer, the Hotronix AirFusion automatic heat press, and the Viper 6000 pretreatment applicator for dark garments. The various applications of this equipment produce a digital image with photographic precision, while the clarity and vibrancy of the artwork are protected wash after wash.

A Family Business with Family Values

The T-Shirt is an iconic symbol of American style. A concert T-Shirt that rocks or a keepsake from a family reunion, or staff T-Shirts for Habitat for Humanity that connects people together as a culture. It’s what SAS Print ‘n Stitch is all about – creating special garments that unite families and friends and build up teams, groups, and communities. We treat our clients and business partners like family.

Our unique and affordable process, authentic customer care, and 100% satisfaction guarantee set us apart from all the rest. What we do for you goes way beyond product and pricing because we’re passionate about our connections with our customers.

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